What’s on at SkillsCymru Llandudno 2018

Event guide

Get Skilled stands

Dedicated Get Skilled stands offer in-depth knowledge about certain industries. You can discover new talents and try loads of different skills when you get hands-on with a Get Skilled activity. Experts are always on hand to help as you learn something new and try work-based skills; the aim is to ensure each Get Skilled stand represents a different career sector so we promote as wide a range as possible to you, the visitors.

Get Skilled 1 – Games Development, Computing & Media presented by Grŵp Llandrillo Menai

Challenge your problem-solving skills and your imagination, essential skills in the IT industry. Learn to programme and control a lego robot and film and live stream part of the SkillsCymru event onto a 60 inch monitor. You can also get hands on with Haptic Devices, which are used by surgeons and pilots in their training!

Get Skilled 2 – Social Care presented by Social Care Wales

It’s hard to imagine what a person with dementia goes through day-to-day. Try on the virtual reality headsets to get an insight into what it’s like to live with dementia, so that you can understand the compassion and empathy needed for a career in social care.

Get Skilled 3 – The Built Environment presented by The Consortium

There could be many thousands of jobs created in the construction industry in North Wales in the next few years. Visit Get Skilled 3 to have a go at bricklaying, plumbing, wiring a plug and virtual welding to see if your future lies in construction.

Get Skilled 4 – STEM presented by Medical Mavericks

Think you’re cut out for a career in medicine? Have a go at taking blood (from a fake arm of course!), record the rhythm of your heart with an ECG, see if your hand is steady enough to undertake key hole surgery and get an inside look at your body by taking a photo of the inside of your eye and trying out an ultrasound machine.

Ambassadors & Ambassador Hub

Ambassadors from local companies will be roaming the event and will be able to speak to other young people about their own career journeys. There will also be a timetable of apprentices from a whole range of industries available in the Ambassador Hub.

Careers Hub

Need answers to your careers questions? Why not drop into the Careers Clinics hosted by Careers Wales – information, advice and guidance for young people, parents and teachers.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Come and see workplace settings using the Careers Wales VR headsets to show 360 degree videos, giving you a taster of what a career in aerospace engineering, health and social care, leisure and tourism and media could involve.

Take a look inside the Airbus Factory, watch a day in the life of staff members from Zip World, get an insight into filming and design at Tinopolis and follow job roles at a busy NHS hospital.

Live News Board

The Live News Board aims to provide you with the chance to find out about current vacancies available in Wales including, job vacancies, volunteer opportunities, traineeships, apprenticeship schemes and any other opportunities. The exhibitors post these vacancies on the Live News Board at the event for you to view. Ensure you take a look so that if any interest you, you have the chance to speak to the organisation face-to-face at the event and find out all you can about the role. This is a great way to get ahead of the competition, so don’t forget to take a look!