A parent’s perspective of SkillsCymru

Sharon, a parenting blogger from Cardiff has written a wonderful post about why parents/carers should make the most of events like SkillsCymru. She attended the 2017 event at Motorpoint Arena with her teenage daughter and came away with a whole host of information.

Here are her top five reasons for attending with your child:

1. It helps to have it all under one roof. SkillsCymru are Wales’ largest careers, jobs, skills and apprenticeship events. Having it all in one place can be a little overwhelming at first but it certainly focuses the mind and drives it home to your teen that there is a huge selection of paths to choose from. It is especially useful for making key decisions at the end of Years 11 and Years 13.

2. The process of elimination is useful. If nothing else it is useful as a way of working out what they definitely DON’T want to do. When we got there, my daughter thought that she liked the idea of an apprenticeship. Having found out a bit more about them on the night and talking to the experts she had made the decision that university was the path for her. This was an important step and enabled her to move on with the next decision.

3. It’s useful for parents. The SkillsCymru event is aimed at pupils and students in Years 10,11,12 and 13 and, importantly, their parents. We all operate in fairly limited fields (often related to our own profession) and something like this is an eye opener for us as well. I think the event is especially useful for helping them decide if post-16 full time study is for them or if they’d rather enter the world of work.

4. It focuses the mind and triggers conversations. Make the most of having somewhere to talk about their future. It’s just you and them and a lot of experts – no excuses. The hands on nature is attractive and ensures that boredom is never an issue.

5. It costs nothing. These events are free for the young people and their parents/guardians to attend. This makes them open to all. If’s just the cost of travelling that will need to be covered.

You can read Sharon’s full blog post “How can a SkillsCymru event help your teen choose a future career?” here: https://www.aftertheplayground.com/skills-cymru-cardiff/ (external link may not have Welsh translation)