Sponsors Northern Ireland 2021

Headline Sponsor

Northern Ireland Electricity Networks

NIE Networks owns the electricity networks which transport power to Northern Ireland’s 860,000 homes and businesses. The company invests around £100 million in infrastructure every year and its teams work 24/7 to upgrade, repair and connect customers to the network. It is responsible for maintaining over 49,000 kilometres of overhead lines and underground cables and several hundred major substations.

NIE Networks employs around 1,200 people in all areas of Northern Ireland.



Gordon Parkes, HR Director for NIE Networks said:

“It is extremely important to our society and our economy that young people possess the right skills and competencies required by employers. The current position is far from satisfactory with many employers unable to source appropriately skilled individuals and as a result numerous young people still find it difficult to secure employment. There is certainly a ‘skills mismatch’, which needs to be addressed collectively through an integrated approach led by employers and supported by local government, schools, colleges and universities.

NIE Networks provides highly qualified skilled apprenticeships and graduate programmes, however year on  year we struggle to obtain the required numbers to take up these positions.

We are pleased to again be the headline sponsor of this important careers event to showcase the careers available in the marketplace in Northern Ireland.”