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Welsh Government

Wales has its own government, making policies and laws for our country.

Headed by the First Minister of Wales, the Welsh Government is responsible for areas such as health, education, language and culture and public services.

The Welsh Government is separate from the British Government, which retains responsibility for UK-wide areas such as tax, defence, foreign policy and benefits. Wales’ voice in the UK Government is represented by the Secretary of State for Wales in the Wales Office.


Part-financed through the

European Social Fund

The European Social Fund is used to support a number of projects aimed at raising skills and job prospects.

It supports the European Union's (EU) goal of increasing employment by giving unemployed and disadvantaged people the training and support they need to enter jobs. The European Social Fund also equips the workforce with the skills needed by business in a competitive global economy.

Careers Hub with

Careers Wales

Careers Wales provides the all age, independent and impartial careers information, advice and guidance service for Wales.

The organisation delivers a remit set by the Minister for Education and Skills and supports Welsh Government’s strategic objectives. The overall focus for our service is to help people make effective decisions and become independent in managing their careers.  This includes making realistic career decisions and plans, and ensuring successful progression and positive outcomes for individuals, who we support to gain appropriate training, further learning or employment.