London Seminars and Talks 2020

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Please note the below seminars are from 2020. Information on 2021 seminars coming very soon!

Seminar Theatre One

10:00am-10:30am Careers for Londoners

Hear the latest developments around the Mayor’s vision for careers in the capital, including the work of the London Enterprise Adviser Network, getting more businesses into London’s schools and colleges. 

Speakers: Michael Heanue and Andrew Moffat
Organisation: Greater London Authority

10:50am-11:20am What does ‘work-ready’ really mean?

The same skills that unlock learning in the classroom, make for successful employment in later life – but how do you teach them? The Skills Builder approach has been developed by teachers, for teachers. The Framework breaks down eight essential skills into teachable steps and there’s a set of six best practice principles for leading an effective programme.

Speaker: Evelyn Haywood
Organisation: Skills Builder Partnership

11:40am-12:10pm How can schools make careers education fit for purpose?

This seminar is aimed at school teachers and careers advisers and will highlight the benefits of quality careers education for children and young people, and its disproportionately high benefit for pupils facing disadvantage. The presentation will draw on The Centre for Education and Youth’s extensive research in the careers space, and include practical tips that teachers and employers can immediately put into action. 

Speaker: Will Millard
Organisation:The Centre for Education and Youth

12:30pm-1:00pm Be more than Gatsby 

Adopting a holistic and pastoral approach to careers work in school. This seminar will explore how to create a careers programme that achieves more than the Gatsby benchmarks and deliver something that students, staff, families, education providers and employers will enjoy participating in. 

Speaker: James Wilmot
Organisation: Priory Learning Trust 

1:20pm-1:50pm Understanding the Adolescent Mind

This talk will explore what is known about the development of a young person’s mind during adolescence to provide new insight and understanding of how teenagers process information and act in the way they do, so career interventions can be more effective and relevant to their state of mind.

Speaker: Dr Michelle Stewart
Organisation:Independent Careers Consultant

2:10pm-2:40pm Preparing students for work in an impactful and inspiring way

This seminar will share with you how IGD’s Feeding Britain’s Future programme brings the food and consumer goods industry together to inspire the next generation. The programme provides schools with structured opportunities for students to spend quality time with industry professionals, developing their employability skills and supporting the school’s careers strategy. Learn how they’ve measured their impact to understand that this type of intervention increases skills, knowledge and attraction to the food and consumer goods industry.

Speaker: Sarah McCarthy
OrganisationIGD – Feeding Britain’s Future

3:00pm-3:30pm An introduction to T Levels 

This seminar will provide an introduction to T Levels, the new technical equivalent to A levels. You will learn what these new qualifications are, why they are being introduced and when they will arrive. You will be signposted to sources of further information to help you advise students on their options. 

Speaker: Carmel Grant
Organisation: Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education 

Seminar Theatre Two

10:00am-10:30am Apprenticeships, information advice & guidance for teachers and careers advisers 

It’s vital we give all young people access to excellent careers support so they feel able to make informed decisions about their options. Come and hear about the wide range of apprenticeship opportunities on offer, and how the Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge (ASK) for Schools and Colleges programme can benefit students, teachers and careers advisers. Apprenticeship experts will help you kick start the career of students thinking about their next steps.

Speaker: National Apprenticeship Service Representative
Organisation: Department for Education

10:50am-11:20am Your Voice: Insights from young people in the UK

A major new report reveals a disconnect between young people’s career aspirations and jobs in the UK. This report is based on an international survey of over 8,500 people aged 14-18. There were over 7,000 responses from young people in the UK and this report focuses on their responses. 

Speaker: Martin Rogers
Organisation: Education and Employers

11:40am-12:10pm An inclusive careers strategy at scale 

This seminar will cover how Academies Enterprise Trust, one of the largest MATs in England, has developed an inclusive careers strategy and framed this around the Gatsby benchmarks. The seminar will detail the systematic support structures that have been developed, preparation for Ofsted (intent, implementation and impact) monitoring progress and highlight examples of good practice in schools. In addition to impact on students, the seminar will also emphasise the importance of inspiring conversations between staff – as part of the ongoing professional development of career leaders. 

Speakers: Ryan Gibson
Organisation: Academies Enterprise Trust 

12:30pm-1:00pm How can employers make careers education fit for purpose?

This seminar is aimed at employers, businesses and enterprise advisers and will highlight the benefits of quality careers education for children and young people, and its disproportionately high benefit for pupils facing disadvantage. The presentation will draw on The Centre for Education and Youth’s extensive research in the careers space, and include practical tips that teachers and employers can immediately put into action. 

Speaker: Will Millard
Organisation:The Centre for Education and Youth

1:20pm-1:50pm Pathways into health careers 

The world of health careers can be complex and fast-moving but with so many roles it’s also very inclusive and has something for everyone no matter what their interests! Join Abi Changer from Health Careers to hear about the latest news in the health sector (focusing on the NHS). It will be a whistle-stop tour including apprenticeships, emerging roles and new resources from Health Careers, plus time for some FAQs. 

Speaker: Abigail Changer
Organisation: Health Careers 

2:10pm-2:40pm Embedding employability skills across the curriculum 

Hear about the transferable skills employers are looking for and the importance of creating an inclusive whole school approach to developing these. Learn practical strategies for embedding these skills across the curriculum, inspiring students to see the relevance of their skills to a range of future pathways. 

Speaker: Ed Lang
Organisation: Lifeskills created with Barclays 

3:00pm-3:30pm Discover Uni – navigate the facts and stats

This seminar will focus on a new and developing UK website, Discover Uni, which has all the official, trustworthy and independent information you need. It helps you cut through the clutter to help all future students find the information relevant to them.

Speaker: Annie Dobson and Rebecca Bale
Organisation: Discover Uni

Industry Insight Talks:

10:30am-10:45am Inspiration for everyone

The space sector offers inspiring jobs and careers for young people with widely differing interests, from those who want to build and launch technology to Mars, to those who want to understand the environment on Earth, and those who want to use one to help the other. Come and hear where your students might go and help them turn dreams into reality.

Speaker: Kathie Bowden
Organisation: UK Space Agency

11:00am-11:15am Unifrog: the complete destinations platform, a one-stop-shop for careers guidance

Find out about the Unifrog community and platform, dedicated to leveling the playing field for students across 2,000 schools. Explore the key trends that are driving students’ decision-making and what we can do to support them to find their best next steps.

Speaker: Tom Haywood-Pope
Organisation: Unifrog

11:30am-11:45am Elements of success: Careers in chemistry

Recent research suggests that only 7% of students studying chemistry at A level intend to pursue it as a career. For many this is because they do not know what chemists do. Find out where you can signpost young people to make informed decisions about a career in chemistry.

Speaker: Lakshmi Hughes
Royal Society of Chemistry

12:00pm-12:15pm Inclusive and aspirational careers in home building

This talk will explore the diversity of careers in the home building sector. Discoveer how the industry is changing to attract and retain a more inclusive workforce including how behaviours and attitudes are changing.

Speaker: Heidi Khoshtaghaza
Organisation: Bellway Homes on behalf of the Home Building Skills Partnership

12:30pm-12:45pm It’s not all about qualifications

If young people are aware of their strengths and can project them effectively, they are much more likely to have good self-awareness and make the right next steps. This interactive talk will show how to help students and apprentices recognise and project their soft skills, which ultimately gets them noticed.

Speaker: Lisa Ward
Organisation: Belbin GetSet

1:00pm-1:15pm STEM Careers; a beginner’s guide!

If you are looking for information on STEM careers – this is the place! Let STEM Learning, the UK’s largest education provider of STEM education, guide you through the STEM careers landscape and highlight the support available to educators and employers.

Speaker: Gemma Taylor
Organisation: STEM Learning

1:30pm-1:45pm Who cares?

By 2025 Skills for Care estimates there will be a need for 275,000 extra care workers in England. Working in social care is often seen as a job, not a career. This talk will share how people can kick start a career in care and where it can take them.

Speaker: Lee Farrow
Organisation: Anchor Hanover

2:00pm-2:15pm RAF opportunities

A brief overview of the wide range of opportunities available in the Royal Air Force, including apprenticeships.

Speaker: Julie Fell
Organisation: Royal Air Force

2:30pm-2:45pm A career in law

A discussion on the path to a career in law including the skills required, top tips for a UCAS statement hints and an interactive Q&A.

Speaker: Rebecca Schrod
Organisation: The University of Law

3:00pm-3:15pm How to inspire young people

How can we inspire young people and help them to ask the right questions about their future? We want to help them feel sure they are following the right route to unlock their potential. In this talk we will suggest ways to challenge their thinking.

Speaker: Lisa Hunt
Organisation: MyFutureChoice Ltd

3:30pm-3:45pm Supporting autistic young people into paid work experience

Autism Exchange is a work experience programme providing young people with autism access to paid experiences of work with employers such as the Civil Service, SAP UK, m/SIX, Essex County Council, BP, NEST, and Credit Agricole. The programme is entering its sixth year of delivery and this session will share insights, impact and outcomes.

Speaker: Felicity Carter
Organisation: Ambitious About Autism