Coventry Seminars and Talks 2019

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10:00am-10:30am Pathways to careers in the health sector – click here for presentation slides

Join Alan Simmons from Health Careers to hear about the latest news in the health sector (focusing on the NHS). In this whistle stop tour, he will talk about apprenticeships, emerging roles, new resources from Health Careers and try to answer some of your FAQs.

Speaker: Alan Simmons, Careers Specialist
Organisation: Health Careers (NHS Health Education England)

10:40am-11:10am Youth Voice Census – what young people tell us of their experience as they transition between education and employment – click here for presentation slides

The Youth Voice Census was developed in response to a sector need to build a picture of the employment challenges and barriers that young people are currently facing as they transition between education and employment. The 2018 pilot was a huge success with 1500 young people responding from diverse backgrounds across England. Hear the results from the Census Report, published in October 2018 and how this has had significant engagement across the youth employment sector reaching educators, youth organisations, employers and civil servants.

Speaker: Laura-Jane Rawlings, CEO
Organisation: Youth Employment UK

11:20am-11:50am Driving careers forward with Jaguar Land Rover – click here for presentation slides

The team at the Jaguar Land Rover Retailer Apprenticeship Programme will be talking about how candidates can succeed through the recruitment process from applications to interviews. They will tell you about the type of candidates they are looking for to build their career with Jaguar Land Rover and how candidates will achieve success on one of their apprenticeship programmes

Keynote Speakers: Mr Simon Nolan, Apprentice Programme Manager and Anna Centritto, Recruitment Manager
Organisation: Jaguar Land Rover Retailer Apprenticeships

12:00pm-12:30pm An Introduction to T Levels – click here for presentation slides

An introduction to T Levels: the Government is working with employers and further education providers to design and develop a brand new technical education option, the T Levels. T Levels will be 2 year, college based courses in 25 subjects ranging from digital to construction to accounting. They are aimed at 16-18 year olds and will be the technical equivalent of 3 A Levels. Each T Level will include a 3 month industry placement for young people to develop their skills in the workplace. Find out more about the approach to delivery, timetable for implementation and how T Levels will fit in the broader post 16 choices.

Speaker: Sue Lovelock, Deputy Director for T level Delivery Division
Organisation: Department for Education

12:45pm-1:15pm Using LifeSkills to develop an enterprising mindset and skills for the 21st century workplace 

Hear about how LifeSkills can support a well-rounded, whole-school approach to developing your students’ enterprising mindset, and the transferable skills that will help them adapt in the 21st century workplace.

Speaker: Laura Skedgell, Senior Consultant
Organisation:LifeSkills created with Barclays

1:30pm-2:00pm Career Development and Young People with SEND – click here for presentation slides

Talentino works with Special Schools across England and have been appointed as the strategic partner on SEND by the Careers and Enterprise Company. This session will enable visitors to understand more about the work being planned and carried out for young people with SEND including useful takeaways.

Speaker: Jenny Connick, Founder of Talentino
Organisation:The Careers and Enterprise Company / Talentino

2:15pm-2:45pm Apprenticeships, information advice & guidance for teachers and careers advisors – click here for presentation slides

The National Apprenticeship Service will be available to provide the latest information on the wide range of apprenticeship opportunities. Hear about the Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge for Schools and Colleges programme and the benefits to students, teachers and careers advisors. Apprenticeship experts will help you kick start the career of students thinking about their first career choice.

Speaker: National Apprenticeship Service representative
Organisation: National Apprenticeship Service

Industry Insight Talks:

10:30am-10:45am Degree Apprenticeships: How to get a degree for free? – click here for presentation slides

Degree Apprenticeships are the fastest growing type of apprenticeship and there are many reasons why. This insight talk will help you understand where degree apprenticeships fit into the world of qualifications, where you can find them and what you should be looking for in a good programme.

Speaker: Broderick Sutherland, Marketing Executive
Organisation: AllAboutSchoolLeavers

11:00am-11:15am Pathways to careers at 18: Who really decides students or parents? – click here for presentation slides

Drawing on IF research data, this talk will outline the career paths (higher education, apprenticeship, school leaver programme, employment) students choose, examine when they make their decisions and look at the extent to which parents influence these choices.

Speaker: Jonathan Hardwick, Professional Development Manager
Organisation: Inspiring Futures

11:30am-11:45am The business of creativity – click here for presentation slides

The concept of a creative career is not new, however developments across the arts, business and technology sectors now see many professions supported by a variety of courses, diplomas and qualifications which weren’t available before. There are also many misconceptions around what a creative career is, what is involved in the day-to-day of working in the creative industries, what the benefits are and how a student can begin their creative journey. This insight talk will begin to unpack some of these concerns and discuss the true potential the creative industries offer for young people today.

Speaker: Anna Hawes, UK School and Colleges Partnership Manager
Organisation: University for the Creative Arts

12:00pm-12:15pm What could the space sector offer your students? (and it’s not all rocket science) – click here for presentation slides

This fast-growing sector has a breadth of opportunities for students who are looking for interesting places to use their STEM skills. Every one of us uses space every day often in ways we’re not even aware of – come and hear about it.

Speaker: Kathie Bowden, Space Skills and Careers Development Manager
Organisation: UK Space Agency

12:30pm-12:45pm Careers in property – challenging the stereotypes – click here for presentation slides

Careers in property help shape the world and environment we live and work in. Property Needs You want to introduce you to the range of career paths into the industry from school leavers and beyond and challenge some of the perceived stereotypes about what working in property offers.

Speaker: Kelly Canterford, Programme Manager
Organisation: Property Needs You

1:00pm-1:15pm Landscaping, a growing career you can recommend with confidence – click here for presentation slides

A presentation dispelling the myths surrounding careers in landscaping and horticulture.  This will showcase the size of the industry, the work landscapers carry out, the wide variety of roles available, the skills needed and routes into this exciting industry. The aim is to help careers advisers understand the opportunities available in landscaping and be able to advise knowledgeably.

Speaker: Stephen Ensell, Education Officer
Organisation: GoLandscape

1:30pm-1:45pm Career in Law and Business – click here for presentation slides

An interactive and engaging insight into studying law in the UK. This presentation will include a breakdown of what students should do to get onto a law degree and the subsequent steps required to become a solicitor or a barrister. This talk will also give an insight into the tasters that U Law can deliver within your schools and colleges.

Speaker: Beth Jobbins, Student Recruitment Manager
Organisation: The University of Law

2:00pm-2:15pm The Human Guinea Pig. Inside the NHS…. And Tom! – click here for presentation slides

Discover the amazing careers in the NHS and what goes on in the labs, clinics and wards. During the show Tom will perform a series of brilliant medical tests on willing volunteers and show some jaw dropping footage of the medical tests he has been through… just for the fun of it!

Speaker: Tom Warrender, Head Honcho of Inspiration
Organisation: Medical Mavericks

2:30pm-2:45pm Career pathways in hair and beauty – click here for presentation slides

Market-leading awarding organisation in hair and beauty, VTCT, understands the importance of the building blocks of education. VTCT strives to provide a direct line of sight to a job through support and resources. This insight will take you through roles in hair and beauty that can lead to a myriad of career opportunities in a rewarding, creative industry.

Speaker: Lynda Whitehorn, Apprenticeship Manager
Organisation: VTCT