An apprentice’s journey to becoming the Crème de la Crème in hair with Sassoon

Phoebe Lord, Assistant Apprentice at Sassoon

Tell us about the apprenticeship scheme you are on at Sassoon?

The apprenticeship programme is a full time position and I am based within the Covent Garden salon. I train once a week and practice both cut and colour on our models the Sassoon way…the best way! When we are not training, we are working on the salon floor, shampooing clients, making sure the salon is clean and organised, you learn so much on the job by watching the stylists and colourists in action, personally for me, it has really brought up my confidence.

Where did you first find out about the Sassoon apprenticeship scheme?

I found out about Sassoon by watching the Vidal Sassoon movie which documents Vidal’s journey to becoming the Crème de la Crème in hair. I then felt inspired and thought it would be an absolute dream to work at Sassoon, so I went onto the Sassoon website to see if they were recruiting and they were so I applied there and then!

What was the process of getting on to the apprenticeship scheme, from initial enquiries through to being selected for the scheme?

I sent an email to the address on the website along with my CV and a covering letter telling them a little bit about me and why I wanted the job at Sassoon. Two days later I had a call from the Covent Garden salon to schedule in an interview in 1 weeks’ time. Four days later I got offered the job! I started the following week, so from the initial enquiry to start date it was about three weeks.

What are your future plans with Sassoon?

My dream is to one day build myself up to become a Creative Director whether in the salons or the academy teaching. The opportunity to travel not only within the UK but also internationally on shows and seminars is something that I love about Sassoon. My opportunities at Sassoon are endless and that’s what excites me. We have so many opportunities to show our creative skills and show off all our hard work with shows and many different events were we can assist the senior team. Hair in fashion never stops with Sassoon you don’t just cut hair & go home, it’s a real love, and it’s your life,

Would you recommend doing an apprenticeship and why?

I would totally recommend an apprenticeship at Sassoon, you get the absolute best training. I previously trained at my local independent salon as an assistant and it just does not compare, there is a real sense of love and passion here and I feel everyone I have met in the company have the same mindset and drive. The company really do take you under their wing and I have such a sense of belonging, I have really landed on my feet and it’s the best decision I ever made. The level of skill in cutting and colour is insane; you don’t get anything like it anywhere else in hair. The training is so well thought out and so thorough. It’s not an easy job, its hard graft, you really do have to want it and work hard but it is entirely worth it. You are learning from THE BEST. We are such a close knit team here; I have absolutely made life-long friends and am inspired every day at Sassoon.