A day in the life of Jack Sadler, Commercial Apprentice at Tesco

“I work with such a variety of different people and I’ve got a great network around me. Our team has such a bond.”

Jack Sadler is currently working for Tesco as a Commercial Apprentice. Jack tells us about his apprenticeship experience so far and what he enjoys most about his role. Find out more about Tesco’s apprenticeship opportunities at Skills London!

What is your current role and how long have you been working with Tesco?

I’m the Assistant Seller for pittas, wraps and specialty breads. A seller looks after the in store customer journey for a product so I look after ranging, promotions, retail prices and customer insight.

I’ve worked at Tesco for four years. I started in store as a Customer Assistant whilst I was studying graphic design at college, then once I completed my course I started working full time in store and was training to be a manager, I then started my apprenticeship.

What was it that initially attracted you to the Commercial Apprenticeship?

I wanted to make a bigger impact for Tesco, and wanted to make things happen on a larger scale. I wanted to have a say in how things looked in stores across the UK. My store manager knew that I wanted something different so he supported me to apply for this apprenticeship through our Tesco Programmes website.

Tell us about a typical week in your job.

At the beginning of the week, I update the team on how we traded the previous week. I give insight and commentary about how my products have performed, this information also gets fed into my directors meetings. Part of my job is to understand food trends and to look for what we are missing from our range versus the market. I look on a strategic level of how we can do well in this area. I work with buyers, technologists and our suppliers on a daily basis to make sure that the products we offer are right for our customers.

How would you describe your team and the people you work with?

Fun. I work with such a variety of different people and I’ve got a great network around me. Our team has such a bond.

What’s been your favourite highlight since starting with Tesco?

My first role in the office was working in the Trade Planning team and my job was to create plans for the promotion ends in store. My highlight was going into store for the first time to see it being implemented, it was such a great feeling to make an impact in stores.

What is the best piece of advice youve had since starting your apprenticeship?

Be yourself, be honest and be open to new opportunities. Don’t get consumed by your day job, always make time for learning and meeting new people.

What would you say to someone thinking about applying?

Do it! I’ve always had a passion for food and Tesco, and took the opportunity to apply and I can’t believe where I am now. If you’ve got a passion and are open minded, there will be an opportunity here for you too.

In one word, describe your experience so far.